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          Your Project Manager

          Winnie Peng is Senior Project Manager and oversees the coordination of your project from verifying your design details and materials selection through prototype creation, full production of your order and arrangement of shipping to your destination.

          With over 18 years experience in purchasing and manufacturing, Ms. Peng (pronounced “Pehng”) is knowledgeable in all phases of fashion and footwear manufacturing and undoubtedly one of the best experts on the planet to oversee your product’s successful creation.

          Prior to joining us, she served as Senior Quality Control and Factory Best Practices Inspector for Hong Kong’s Bestseller, supplier to Europe’s largest fashion and footwear retail conglomerate, Bestseller A/S (owner of brands Vero Moda, Pieces, ONLY, Mamalicious, Vila, Selected Femme, Junarose, Jack & Jones, Homme, Outfitters Nation and Name It) overseeing fashion and footwear manufacture in factories all over China and Viet Nam.

          For the last 7 years, as our Senior Project Manager, she has successfully assisted hundreds of new and existing fashion brands around the world in taking their designs from the concept stage to “market ready”.

          Fluent in Mandarin, English and Cantonese, she frequently travels from her base in Guangzhou, China to other countries and can be contacted personally via Skype or though email.

          Email: winnie.chinaproduct@gmail.com

          Skype: winniethepooh8

          USA phone (when in the US) 1-336-775-8615

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